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About Us

Our team of highly motivated employees are our greatest asset. At Masiwela, we embrace and celebrate diversity and bring an international perspective and experience to the work that we do. Complimented by a unique skillset that combines the core business principles of professionalism, process and profitability with empathy, integrity, creativity and a high EQ, we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t just say, we do. And we do with a difference.

The Masiwela team operates with the intrinsically embedded ethos of dynamism, efficiency, reliability and making things happen!


Key Stakeholders

The success of any company is determined by the incorporation of professional and efficient business practices, as well the key stakeholders that are fundamental elements that make the company function and progress. The key stakeholders to Masiwela include the clients, communities, consumers, and the relevant governance systems.


Key Attributes

The key attributes of Masiwela, as an Events & Marketing Company, are its commitment to a compassion for the community and conservation of the environment. The credibility of its operation will be the future of its counterparts.

Judy Goddard – Founder & Director

Masiwela is the brainchild of Judy Goddard. Born in Zimbabwe and based in South Africa, Judy is your quintessential Africaneer. She is passionate and dedicated to the continent of her birth. And she is determined to make a difference. Her hard working and friendly demeanour has seen the company grow from strength to strength. With her forward thinking, compassionate and enthusiastic nature, the opportunities for Masiwela are endless.

Judy completed her honours degree in Hospitality and Business Management in Switzerland. Here she excelled. Judy was awarded Outstanding Student of the Graduating Class of 2007 and the Swiss Hospitality Touch for Leadership in the Graduating Class of 2008.Whilst studying, she took the time to travel, working in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, the United States & Europe.

With ten years of management experience under her belt Judy has enjoyed a successful career. She has worked with world class establishments such as the Marriott and Hyatt Groups overseas as well as local corporations such as African Sun and the Multichoice Group. Judy is practised in Human Resource Management, Sales, Marketing and Project Management, making her well-placed to drive the success of Masiwela and the clients the business represents.

Brandon Clifford - Director

Brandon Clifford is a Business Events Professional with extensive experience in leading the strategic and operational planning and management of business events and conferences, within listed organisations, Swiss Education Group, Sandton Convention Centre, as well as in the National Conventions Bureau a unit within South African Tourism.

With a career founded on more than ten years of experience in Senior Corporate Sales Management positions, and significant qualifications (Honours degree in Hospitality and Events Management) obtained from the Swiss Hotel Management School in Switzerland (University of Derby), Brandon has accumulated expertise and proficiency through leading the conferencing and events planning strategies of high-capacity organisations.

After his ten-year tenure in the Corporate environment, Brandon’s entrepreneurial acumen took preference and he ventured into realising his ultimate goal to become a business owner launching Evenza and now partnering on On Pointe.

Ashleigh Rowley – General Manager: Events

Ashleigh started off her marketing dream at the University of Johannesburg studying a BA degree in Corporate Communications. The 3 year course cemented her love for the creative world of marketing. She is passionate about the industry and its every aspect, from events to client campaigns to brand awareness.

After completing her degree, Ashleigh embarked in search of work, eager to gain experience and begin her career in the marketing industry. She was given an opportunity as an assistant to a marketing manager at a Sandton nightclub. It was here that she was encouraged to learn and obtain valuable information about the trade. She gained invaluable experience, dealing with different aspects of marketing- from customer relations to dealing with suppliers and brands.

Ashleigh then spread her wings, leaving the company in search of new ventures and new opportunities. This led her to Masiwela, where she is thriving and bringing creativity and excitement to the team.